Isa Souza, 18 anos, leonina.
Mora em Londrina – PR , faz biblioteconomia na UEL . Distraída, ama seus livros, internet, música. Viciada em The Vampire Diaries e True Blood, é só dizer que é team Damon ou team Eric pra ganhar a amizade dela .
Sonha em montar um hárem. Governa o reino do Mayne. Em boa parte do tempo o que diz não faz sentido.


I guess they had a bad date or something?

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► Rapunzel has always been an ambitious sort.

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200 followers already! I honestly can’t believe it! So, as a celebration of the fact, have a sneak peek into Lizzie and Darcy’s married life.

Bringing this back for Darcy Day.

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Requested by prosepeare, anonymous and fantasticalnonsense18, but I switched it so Lizzie was the awkward one.

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fav lines from harry potter

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Emma Watson <3 Behind The Scenes This Is The End :D <3 <3 <3

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if you didn’t cry here then you have no soul auf We Heart It.

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Quand j’ai fait croire à mon petit frère qu’il venait de manger du chien 

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Harry potter pe We Heart It

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My other favorite movie!

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George turns around to Fred… but he is not there anymore.

Woooow… I mean this is so sad :( I didn’t notice it in the movie but now I csn clesrly see how he starts to say “Fre.. D:

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